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The Fine Art of Balance

  Ah yes, the trick of balancing the orders and stock and calculating shipping costs and times etc! What a balancing act it is! In typical fashion, once we have placed an order and paid for it, we will sell out of something that we could’ve ordered. Not a bad place to be in, selling […]

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The Importance of Quality Ink

This week we are talking about why we carefully select and import the inks we stock. I’m sure you have all experienced the customer who was tattooed elsewhere and complains about ink bleeding out/fading or worse, causing a reaction to the client’s skin. The importance of quality ink is not to be underestimated as I’m […]

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Opening Week

  What an opening week! The support from our friends and family has been amazing! Thank you to each and everyone of you. We started this business because we love this industry and the people in it. We truly just wanted to stick with our passions and be involved in the industry we can’t feel […]

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