The Fine Art of Balance

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Ah yes, the trick of balancing the orders and stock and calculating shipping costs and times etc! What a balancing act it is!

In typical fashion, once we have placed an order and paid for it, we will sell out of something that we could’ve ordered. Not a bad place to be in, selling out of something, but it is Murphy’s law as they say that it happens when you weren’t planning for it.

And to guesstimate the shipping times and customs delays is another stressful gamble! But this is the business and we will make a few miscalculations in the beginning – it’s how we learn.

Luckily there are other companies that do carry things we may not have yet and we think that’s great. After all, if we don’t have what you are looking for and are unable to source it in the time you need it, it only makes sense to get it elsewhere. We are not petty in our business practise and understand that we cannot have all the bases covered at the start of this business. We are learning as we go and no one should be expected to sit without just because they are ‘buying from another supplier’. But remember to keep an eye on us because we are growing and expanding at a rapid rate and will continue to pride ourselves on our customer service, quality products and maximum effort (yes, that’s a Deadpool line).

So as the silly season hits, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been so amazingly supportive of us and our venture. To all our clients that have supported us (despite some of you receiving the wrath of other suppliers) we want to thank you especially, and make a promise to you that we will continue to endeavour to source quality products at affordable rates and to sort out any problems or issues you may have. We wish you all a very successful and happy season and a wonderfully inked year ahead!

We cannot wait for 2017 as we have a few surprises and announcements in store, so make sure you like our Facebook page to keep up to date on all our plans and adventures! – RRDTeam

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