New Stigma Shot

Well it took a while to get here due to the high demand. The all new Stigma Shot, what a beautiful machine! Excellent craftsmanship that gives the machine a slick and original feel that we have come to expect from Stigma Rotary.

One of the features that stand out with the Stigma Shot is the fact that it is one of the only direct drive machines on the market with fully adjustable stroke lengths coming in short, medium and long.

The Stigma Shot also has a needle stabilizer and a needle stay up function which really helps with the stability of the needle.

The motor that comes with the machine is a 6 watt coreless motor for extra torque.

The noise and vibration of the machine is very low and wont irritate your customer.

Needle wise the machine can comfortably be used with standard needles and cartridge needles. For standard needles the machine has to be run at a lower speed than with cartridges. Cartridges have to run the machine a bit higher due to the membrane and different cartridges have different thickness membranes so it is advisable to play around with the speed of the motor.

All and all this machine is a must have for any professional tattoo artist. Truly a piece of art.


RRD Team