Cartridge Needles – Big Wasp (SOLD IN PACKS OF 10’s)

Sold in packs of 1o

Liners are 10’s (0.30mm)

Shaders are 12’s (0.35mm) unless otherwise indicated

Sizes may be combined in one box (this will be marked on the box)

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Additional information

Weight60 g
Dimensions17 × 9 × 3.5 cm
Big Wasp Cartridge Needles

1001RL (0.30mm), 1003RL (0.30mm), 1005RL (0.30mm), 1007RL (0.30mm), 1009RL (0.30mm), 1011RL (0.30mm), 1014RL (0.30mm), 1015RL (0.30mm), 1017RM (0.30mm), 1025RM (0.30mm), 1207RS (0.35mm), 1209RS (0.35mm), 1011RS (0.30mm), 1211RS (0.35mm), 1214RS (0.35mm), 1205M1 (0.35mm), 1207M1 (0.35mm), 1209M1 (0.35mm), 1211M1 (0.35mm), 1213M1 (0.35mm), 1215M1 (0.35mm), 1025M1 (0.30mm), 1217M1 (0.35mm), 1225M1 (0.35mm), 1207RM (0.35mm), 1209RM (0.35mm), 1211RM (0.35mm), 1213RM (0.35mm), 1215RM (0.35mm), 1217RM (0.35mm), 1221RM (0.35mm), 1223RM (0.35MM)

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