Quantum Yakuza Tattoo 14 Colors set -1oz

Set Includes:

  • Candy Apple Red (Crimson Red)
  • Afterbirth (Burnt Orange)
  • Corn Hole (Canary Yellow)
  • Sherwood Forest (True Green)
  • Pakalolo (Bright sea Green)
  • Sky Fall (True Cyan)
  • Valium (Bright Blue)
  • Sunset Blv (Deep Periwinlde)
  • Purple Fiction(True Violet)
  • Raunchy Rose (Dark Reddish Pink)
  • Pink Fluffy Monster (Neon Pink)
  • Cesspool (Dirt Brown)
  • Rust in Peace (Rust Brown)
  • Assphalt (Double Black)

Quantum Tatto inks and pigments ARE MADE IN THE USA

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