Quantum Realistic Rose Tattoo Ink 12 Set -1oz.

Set Includes:

  • Candy Apple Red (Lipstick Red)
  • Salmon-Nilla (Pinkish Orange)
  • Papa Don’t Preach (Pale Peach)
  • Pink Fluffy Monster (Bubblegum Pink)
  • Placenta Pink (Neon Pink)
  • Raunchy Rose (Dark Reddish Pink)
  • What a Maroon (Magenta Concentrate)
  • Peyote (Forest Green)
  • Cactus Jack (Leaf Green)
  • Urinal Lime (True Lime Green)
  • Creme de meth (Mint Green)
  • Douche (Opaque Bright White)

Quantum Tattoo ink and pigments are MADE IN THE USA.

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