Quantum Colours: Aquas

1oz Colours from Quantum Tattoo Ink

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Quantum Tattoo Ink wants to insure all of our clients that we do everything in our power to thoroughly test the pigments we make on us, the human being. We worked with a group of true veteran tattooers who used all of our pigments numerous times in tattoos which healed properly, over the course of our development phase. This is done to insure proper particle size, density, viscosity, and to test that there are no allergic properties to each and every one of our specially designed pigments. Quantum Tattoo inks has learned from years of prior pigment design experience that we will not let any pigment leave the lab unless we know we are selling you, the tattooer, a premium product we can be proud of.
Quantum Tattoo Inks are made from earth pigments, glycerin, and Listerine and is not tested on animals.