Killer Ink Precision Cartridge Needles

Killer Ink Precision tattoo needles are made from the finest quality 304 surgical stainless steel and contain lead-free solder for precision grouping.

Our Killer Ink Precision tattoo needles are 12 gauge – each microneedle is 0.35mm in diameter.

Killer Ink Stellar Needle Cartridges 0.35mm Round Liners, Long Taper.

Precision Soldered Needles

Individually Blister Packed

Sterilized by EO Gas

20 Needles per Box

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Additional information

Weight105 g
Dimensions18 × 10 × 4 cm
Killer Ink Precision Cartridges

1201RL, 1203RL, 1205RL, 1207RL, 1209RL, 1211RL, 1214RL, 1205RM, 1207RM, 1209RM, 1211RM, 1213RM, 1215RM, 1205RS, 1207RS, 1209RS, 1207M1, 1209M1, 1213M1, 1215M1