Fusion Ink Signature Series – Jeff Gogue 1oz Set

The Jeff Gogue Signature Series 1oz, 2oz and 4oz packs contain 10 bottles.

“I had the incredible privilege of creating my own signature tattoo ink palette with Fusion’s co-owner Adam Everett. A couple are made to transition from existing colors and to work as vibrant neutrals, so to speak. They are mature colors for a more earthy aspect to tattooing. I of course believe on striving for bright tattoos but those colors are already available and I often end up needing transition colors or earth tones to accentuate the bright ones I’m trying to get the viewer to focus on.” – Jeff Gogue

Pack colors include: Super Red, Blackberry Porter, Chinook, Lotus, Midnight, Morning Shade, Forest green, G.I Green, Gilded Gold, Smoke

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Additional information

Weight532 g
Dimensions11 × 50 × 3 cm