Cartridge Needles – Premium Hummingbird 20’s (#10 Liners)

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Hummingbird Cartridge Needles – #10 Liners – 0.30mm Thickness

EO Gas Sterilized and Sealed – 20 Needles per Box

Additional information

Weight60 g
Premium Big Wasp Cartridge Needles 20s (#10 Liners)

1001RL (0.30mm), 1003RL (0.30mm), 1005RL (0.30mm), 1007RL (0.30mm), 1009RL (0.30mm), 10011RL (0.30mm), 1207RS (0.35mm), 1209RS (0.35mm), 1211RS (0.35mm), 1214RS (0.35mm), 1205M1 (0.35mm), 1207M1 (0.35mm), 1209M1 (0.35mm), 1211M1 (0.35mm), 1213M1 (0.35mm), 1215M1 (0.35mm), 1217M1 (0.35mm), 1225M1 (0.35mm), 1207RM (0.35mm), 1209RM (0.35mm), 1211RM (0.35mm), 1213RM (0.35mm), 1215RM (0.35mm), 1217RM (0.35mm), 1221RM (0.35mm)


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